Child labor laws, Chicago PD style

Methinks some heads are going to roll over this one:

A 14-year old boy has been charged with impersonating a Chicago police officer after police say he walked into a station house and ended up partnering with another officer on a traffic assignment for about five hours Saturday before he was found out.

Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said the youth wrote no tickets and did not interact with the public.

The Chicago Tribune, citing a police source, said the youth identified himself as an officer from another district. He was “detailed for the day to Grand Crossing and also was savvy enough to sign out a police radio and a ticket book,” the Tribune says.

No word if the 14-year-old asked if the police car had “cop suspension, cop tires, and a four hundred forty cubic inch Chrysler cop motor.”

Now, that’s the official line from the Chicago PD.  But a blog by an anonymous Chicago officer, Second City Cop, tells a slightly different story:

This is classic. A male/1 in full uniform walks into the 3rd district desk and tells them he is from 005 and was sent there to work a traffic car. They get him a locker to use and call in the traffic car. He signs out a radio and jumps in with the female officer and away they go. They handle a traffic accident and when she realizes he doesn’t have a ticket book they go back into the station and he signs one out.

Away they go again. This time he asks if he can drive and she lets him. They write a few tickets and finish their tour.

So according to somebody that’s actually inside the CPD, not only did the kid write tickets, he actually drove the police car.  Oh, and the kid in question?  He’s been busted twice before for impersonating a police officer and was thrown out of a Police Explorer program in December, 2007.

I think the moral of the story here is, Marty, next time you or Shannon get pulled over, ask to see the officer’s middle school ID before signing the ticket.

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3 Responses to “Child labor laws, Chicago PD style”

  1. officergleason Says:

    This is my neighborhood! (well, the one I work in) I should also point out that the kid was out on a JUVENILE ARREST WARRANT.

    But I’d be careful with the Second City Cop Blog. Some of them regular posters post vicious rumors that border on libel. We may know some of the people in said district who are…well who are in for some serious career counseling and life changes.

  2. Shannon erin Says:

    According to the second city blog, my mother slept her way to her position. A position I happen to know she worked incredibly hard to obtain. And not in the bedroom. So, please think twice before believing a single thing written on that site.

  3. Lewis Says:

    The joys of Internet anonymity I guess, folks like posters at SCC can use it to be petty and settle scores. Still, I expect some folks in that particular district are going to be in pretty deep trouble over this happening–some deserved, some not (such is the way of any large bureaucratic organization, the innocent always eat the crap sandwich along with or in place of the guilty).

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