I couldn’t have said it any better

Andrew Breitbart rightfully slams the Hollywood gliteratti for their eight-year case of Bush Derangement Syndrome…and then turning around and expecting us conservatives to make nice and become good little Obamabots.

This video illustrates that the current celebrity class are not citizens but serfs. They need a leader to put their minds in the right place to do the right thing. They are not heroic individualists seeking to extend America’s promise but conformists who chose to sit out and complain during the tough years in order to ensure their guy got in the next go-around.

The celebrity decadence during the “oppressive” Bush years was world class. The clubs raged. The boutique hotels rocked. The private jet industry at Van Nuys airport flourished. The party never stopped. And only a precious few (Thank you, dearly!!!) stepped up to support the American troops who have been valiantly fighting for Hollywood’s right to do lines off of each others’ buttocks at $10 million Hollywood Hills mansions.

They never spoke up against the movies that demonized our military.

They never made movies to counter the libel.

They took the easy route. And blamed Bush for everything.

Well, as a famous Bush-basher once said…some of us “aren’t ready to make nice.”


13 Responses to “I couldn’t have said it any better”

  1. officergleason Says:

    Some of us on the left were not expecting most of the right to make, or even play, nice.

    I’d have more to say, but the link isn’t working. That could just be the universe telling me to go to sleep. Tomorrow starts off a whole new political shebang, and I should probably be ready for it.

  2. Mommacow Says:

    Everybody on the left I’ve seen (at least, those whose overarching theme has been anything other than “Our guy won, booyah, bitches!”) has. Many, many variations on “he’s ALL of our President”, which is precisely how I behaved during the Clinton years and precisely how Al Fr- I mean Michael Mo- I mean Nancy Pel- um. Did anybody act like that during the Bush presidency?

  3. Lewis Says:

    One clarification–my point about “making nice” doesn’t reference Obama himself. I’ve made my stand clear in a previous post on the matter; he’s my President and I’ll accord him the respect due the office while still fighting tooth and nail for what I believe in. But as for some of these empty-headed celebrities that have done nothing but shred their President in a time of armed conflict for the past eight years? They’re not getting any of my money. They’re getting nothing from me but scorn and ridicule.

  4. officergleason Says:

    …Just like those politicians on the right, during a time of armed conflict, shredded the 42 president? So my scorn and ridicule of these individuals is justified?

    I’m sorry, it is well past the time to move beyond this.

    Each side has had individuals who acted inappropriately since before Clinton. We can’t have a new political dialogue if we continue with the same justifications of previous political log jams.

  5. Mommacow Says:

    (Disclaimer: this is in no way directed toward anyone I know personally.) It may well be, but in my experience “move beyond this” translates to “do what I say because I’m in charge now.”

    1) Politicians can say whatever they damn well please about political situations and persons; it’s part of their job. If Steven Segal went on record as saying Jean-Claude Van Damme was a coward, a terrible actor, and bathed in asses’ milk to maintain his youthful glow, I wouldn’t bat an eye. (I’d just settle in with popcorn.) When actors are commenting about politics, an area where most are…hm, minimally qualified to comment….I notice. And I get miffed, because I find the majority of it to be either howlingly hypocritical or mindbogglingly stupid.

    2) Didn’t notice any of these politicians talking about how niftykeen and cool it would be if Clinton or somebody in his cabinet just happened to die. Much less listing all the different ways they would *like* them to die.

    3) Admittedly, I’m a bit sensitive after reading the “What are you gonna do on Inauguration Day?” blurb in my local “independent” weekly, the majority of which was taken up by this impassioned bit of self-flagellation where the author was bemoaning their cowardice by not taking up arms and being “willing to die for their country” over the past eight years. Hard on the heels of my reflexive “who did they think was going to KILL them?” question was the question of who they thought they were going to kill with the arms they were going to so boldly take up. (Me being me, hard on the heels of that was “‘Rifle’ has one F, not two, honey.”)

  6. Itanya Blade Says:

    The inapropiate actions of one person does not excuse the inapropiate actions of another.

  7. torteya Says:

    Can I say again, as a proud godless commie liberal, that I don’t have a problem with anybody saying Obama (or whoever) is not their president? I’m fully aware I by myself don’t make a majority or anything, but can I please count?


    Also, I do get the defensiveness. It’s understandable and it’s fine. Being “defeated” (in the sense that the party that allegedly espouses your personal views lost) in an election has nothing to do with the validity or worth of your beliefs. As much as people like to pretend that debate of ideas oughta be sorted out as if it was a popularity contest.

    It might be purely bad luck on my part, or that these topics are the ones that get the most attention and the more thought-out comments, but in my very humble opinion, it makes little good to whatever argument you’re trying to make to ramp up the persecution chip on the shoulder stuff. Just to be clear, I’m referring more to Mommacow’s comments about bully liberals. If I am stepping out of line or anything here, please do let me know. It’s not my intent. What I’m trying to say is: I can see you feel like people are passing unfair judgments on you because of your politics. But you know what? The majority of the country would rather vote for a pedophile priest than me because I’m an atheist (and being mexican doesn’t precisely help). A word that is needed to describe my political views (Social Democrat, think Europe not Chomsky) is an epithet in the US. Of course this is not a race to see who belongs to the most unfairly maligned group of people, nor does the group that has it the worst the only allowed to feel treated unfairly. Just sayin’ that lots of people feel that way. And repeatedly using as a more or less central part of your argument may not help you much.

    On the topic of liberal Hollywood, come on. Dems are not the party whose most fondly remembered recent president came out of Hollywood. Neither are the ones with the relatively popular and certainly well known Governor who also came out of Hollywood (you know, the one that has some people hoping for a constitutional amendment that would let him run for Prez). Neither are they the ones with the Presidential Primary Candidate who can be seen in Law and Order. Neither was the defacto spokesperson for gun rights unknown to the Oscars. Now, this doesn’t mean that your average member of the “Hollywood Culture” is what you’d call a “hardcore conservative” (a statement that I believe not many could take seriously), but all this talk about how those goddamn liberal hypocrites on the movies wield some kind of incontestable political power, well I just don’t see it. Sure, we live in a culture of celebrity, which truly sucks. What I’m saying is, it’s not like Conservatives haven’t benefitted from the culture of celebrity that we live in, or have protested loudly when a Hollywood person makes an incursion in the “right kind of politics”. Maybe not benefited as much (not even sure about that), but I have trouble with the whole Hollywood is the antithesis of conservativism deal.

    One mistake I used to see a lot in Liberal circles was to try to engage morons as if they were intelectually honest. It’s futile, a waste of time, and counterproductive. I don’t see it so much anymore, luckily. I’d recommend such an approach. Michael Berube has a nice post related to this approach. When people who don’t know shit are yelling about, keep in mind that having a serious dialogue is not an option. Dismiss them, squeeze in some sweet snark, and save your energy for people who actually like to figure things out. Of course this is hard, I often have the very same problem. It may be unfair, but most “right wing pundits” I hear or read, are goddamn buffoons. So I feel like I can relate a little. Just tryin’ to save friends a few headaches and hypertension. Think of me as a superfood!

    I’m not sure what Bush Derangement Syndrome actually means, but I’m hoping it’s more than thinking that the President (who was pretty keen about acquiring more and more political power, which one would think would carry more responsibility of the outcomes) is to blame for the past eight disastrous years.

  8. torteya Says:

    Oops! Sorry for the spam 😦 I suck at being succinct.

  9. Mommacow Says:

    Boiled down: I think celebrities in general are hypocritical as fuck. All else right now is me and my own personal Issues, though I would dearly love to meet that Indyweek reader and ask them what the hell they were thinking.

  10. John Galt Says:

    Got no bones for dissent or difference of opinion, but outright treachery and subversion is intolerable.

    Then, to turn, and say “hey, we’re all one big country now – GROUP HUG! and make nice!” isn’t cricket.

    When a political pundit forwards an email saying (paraphrased) “yeah, we know it was a horrible thing that happened on 9/11, but, if we don’t find a way to hammer down GWB and his resulting popularity for taking charge and looking presidential/CinC, we are gonna get hammered in the upcoming elections”. Carville knows he sent it – the memory hole is not THAT deep…

    When you have a dedicated 5th Column (maybe a bit too strong) with the dedicated mission of trashing, tarnishing, or even destroying the sitting president (“selected, not voted, into office!”) with all manor of garbage (BushHitler anyone? HercuBush?), all semblance of civility fades like a virgin’s promise. All the “we support the troops when they kill their officers”, “Have you fragged your CO lately?” and all the wonderful outlays of love, compassion, and solidarity (with Hamas, AQ, and the other external allies, whom, oddly, would kill them at the drop of a drachma if given the chance and opertunity) were touching and just the loyal opposition expressing their discontent.

    Again, the memory hole is not THAT deep….

    I respect the office of the President, the position he holds, and wish him well and pray he upholds his oath, acts in the best interests of All Citizens, not just those whom voted for him. I hope he’s honest in his abilities to ask for help, gather opinions, and make the best possible answers that help the greatest number of citizens, not just a targeted focus group to garner votes/support.

    I will pay my taxes, give support, and still love the country (even uphold the oath I took years back to affirm and support the Constitution), and respect the office of the President.

    But, I won’t forget the outpouring of love, support, and respect the Left gave the last occupant of the Oval Office. As Davy Crockett said before going off to the Alamo – “You all can go to hell. I’m leaving for Texas”

  11. officergleason Says:

    Dissent is fine. Treachery is another. We can agree on that. Neither the left NOR the right is without sin in the way they have treated the part in opposition. I am sure we can clog Moose’s blog with links to quotes from Republicans and Democrats, and various pundits, doing things the other side finds reprehensible.

    I am not sure that this will method will get us anywhere.

  12. torteya Says:

    Goddamn. You beat the crap out of those strawmen, Monsieur Galt. Good show!

  13. Tarq Says:

    Who IS that guy, anyway?

    (screw you, i giggled.)

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