Scenes from a Food Lion parking lot

So things have been pretty gray and nasty here at the Landfill of Love the past few days.  The weather in Nifongville has been crap…it can’t decide whether it wants to be 40 degrees or 65 degrees, but no matter what it is, it’s been cloudy and rainy.  All in all, miserable, and our moods have matched.  Call it winter depression, call it post-holiday stress decompression, call it what you will.  But we’ve all been a little cranky and blah in general.

This afternoon, Wife Unit texts me…she needs “apple cider vinegar” for cooking dinner tomorrow night and would I please get her a bottle at the store on the way home plzkthxharts2u?  (She didn’t really say that.  But I did get a <3.)  So I left work at the usual time, in 30 mph winds and rapidly gathering stormclouds, and headed to the only supermarket on the way home…a Food Lion.  (AKA Food Kitty, Food Piddy, Food Gato, and Holy Crap What Did You Do To That Beef In Your Butcher Shop.)

I walked into the Food Lion amidst cold, horizontal rain and then spent a good ten or fifteen minutes looking for the elusive critter known as “vinegar.”  I found it, grabbed a cold Diet Pepsi out of the cooler, and hit the express checkout, only to find the cashier busily staring out the window instead of standing there with the usual Fake Customer Service Smile, ready to ring me up.  When she did come back to the register, I was shocked…the smile was genuine. I know Fake Customer Service Smiles from eleven years of helping my wife sell jewelry at craft shows.  And the one she had on wasn’t fake.  “There’s a rainbow outside!”, she beamed as she took my $4 and gave me the correct 24 cents in change.

A rainbow?, I thought.  I haven’t seen a rainbow in years, but a little stormlet like that couldn’t possibly produce a decent rainbow, I continued as I walked outside the door and saw…

And on the way home, the sky looking west as I wait to turn at the light heading to my apartment…

The coolest thing about this wasn’t just seeing an awesome double rainbow.  It was walking in the door and getting tackled by Nublet, literally bouncing up and down and yelling, “Dad!  Dad!  I saw a rainbow!  It was under the pine trees!”

I’m in a better mood now.  I’m hoping it lasts.


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