Bipartisan stupid

In the tradition of reaching “across the aisle” after a political campaign, may I present two fine examples of first-degree criminal felony stupid from last week’s headlines.

First, in Barack Obama’s adopted hometown of Chicago, we have this young lady who went to Obama’s Grant Park celebration, but didn’t take away the correct message:

Celita Hart, 19, stood silently in court today when she appeared for a bond hearing.

Prosecutors said Hart, who is black, yelled ” ‘White [expletive], [expletive] McCain–you white police can’t do nothing anymore.'”  With that, she reached through the window of a squad car and slapped a white male officer in the face, according to Assistant State’s Atty. Lorraine Scaduto.

And meanwhile, in Texas, a University of Texas football player proves that drunken Facebook posting isn’t a really smart thing to do:

According to those who saw the Facebook page, Burnette updated his status shortly after Barack Obama was elected president Tuesday night and wrote that hunters should get their guns. One of the people who claimed to have seen Burnette’s original post said it also included a racial slur. Others saw what Burnette wrote and posted comments on other sites, encouraging their friends to shut down his page.

The alleged original comment?  “Gather up all the hunters.  We have a n—– in the Whitehouse.”

As if people needed more reasons to root for A&M and Texas Tech instead of UT.


6 Responses to “Bipartisan stupid”

  1. Jewben Says:

    I, for one, think they make an ADORABLE couple.

  2. Anna Says:

    … I can’t comment on much other than that I find it rather amusing that the article about the UT football player is from the Waco Trib – being that I was/am a Baylor Bear.

    Also – I think that Mr. Drunken Facebook needs a pair of those gmail booze goggle email filter things.

  3. officergleason Says:

    Notice how the Republican aspect has a tendency to threaten Barack’s life?

  4. Lewis Says:

    And the idiot lost his position on the UT football team, his college scholarship, and more than likely got a visit from some Very Serious Men In Suits. Your point?

  5. Mommacow Says:

    Can’t find a verbatim quote of whatever the Facebook page in question says. However, “better buy a gun” has been a pretty common reaction among my conservative friends, with an implicit “while I still CAN” tacked on the end. That was one of my first thoughts as well, and it has nothing to do with wishing harm to the President-elect. Was there any implication of physical harm, or was it just “better get your guns”? Seriously, I can’t find a quote.

    And lots of people seem to have had the same reaction, judging by this,
    this, and

  6. Alonora Says:

    Gooo tech! 😉

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