Ready, fire, aim

Let the Republican circular firing squad begin.

Political types are very good at eating their own after a defeat.  As soon as the race gets called for the other guy, it’s screw the women and children, every man for himself getting to the lifeboats.  I’d say it’s like being in a shark tank at feeding time, except sharks are cool and actually serve a useful purpose in the greater scheme of things…unlike political consultants.  Circle of Life and all that, y’know.

So now we have “unnamed sources” giving Sarah Palin both barrels of 93-octane bullshit.  Saying she’s too stupid to know that Africa’s a continent, not a country.  That she didn’t know the countries involved in the North American Free Trade Agreement (Canada, the US, Mexico).  That she “paraded around” in front of two male staffers wearing a towel.  That she and her family were, in the sniffy words of a McCain staffer taken from a Newsweek dirt dump, “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.” Chief McCain aide Steve Schmidt didn’t even let Palin speak at McCain’s concession speech Tuesday night.  And of course, the pro-Palin side of things has some grudges of their own to work on.

Memo to Steve Schmidt, John McCain, et al.  If you had not had Sarah Palin on your ticket to energize the conservative base, you would’ve lost a hell of a lot worse than you did.  Know what?  Those 15,000 or 20,000 people weren’t coming to the rallies to see you.  They were coming to see her.  Palin was our Obama.  She was our celebrity, our energizer.  Before Palin, most of us on the right side of things were about as excited for John McCain as we would be for, say, a yeast infection.  If we were going to hold our nose and vote for him, it was because he Wasn’t Obama.  Nothing more.

Before you “unnamed staffers” go backstabbing the hottest thing to hit conservative politics in thirty years (in multiple senses of the word), just remember something.  The base is pissed off right now.  We watched the RNC continue with the stupidity of open primaries that let Democrats and independents help pick OUR alleged candidate, and helped give us McCain, a guy who’s made it his life’s work to smack conservatives in the face over and over.  We watched you run a shitty campaign that took key issues off the table, wobbled from crisis to crisis, never established a clear message, and got steamrolled by an avalanche of Hope and Change.  And now you’re going to kneecap the one good thing that we saw out of your entire trainwreck of a Presidential campaign?

Sarah Palin isn’t the problem, you twatwaffles.  You are. She’s not expendable.  You are.

PS:  Even the most liberal of my liberal blogfriends think you’re full of shit.


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