His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition

Well.  After taking a morning to settle down from the total ass-kicking that John McCain absorbed last night, and the resultant gloating from a few Obama supporters (not you, Marty or Lauren) that rubbed me the wrong way, I’ve queued up a few blog posts over the next several days about the election and related stuff.  And then, I’ll be too busy at work to do much else with it, and will move on with my so-called life.

My first thought is about how a bitter, clingy conservative guy like me should act now that the country has gone all Hopey and Changy on me.  There’s several different ways I can handle this setback to conservatism, but after thinking, I’ve decided to reach back to our brethren in the UK for my inspiration.

In the United Kingdom as well as most Commonwealth countries, the predominant party that’s out of power in the government actually has the cool-sounding official title of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, otherwise known as the “Official Opposition.”  They get to drive debate every now and again, and even set up their own Shadow Cabinet of MPs who are cocked and locked to move into their opposite number’s office after the next election.  Of course, we don’t have anything like that here; the party in control of each house of Congress gets all the committee chairmanships and stacks the committees in proportion to their majority, and generally, the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader rule the calendars of their respective houses with an iron fist.

So I have, therefore, decided that it’s time for your humble Moose to be His Messiahship’s Loyal Opposition…or at least part of it.  And I mean both of those words to have equal weight.

Loyal:  This does not mean I agree with Barack Obama’s policies.  It means that I accept the fact that he’s the 44th President of the United States.  None of this “he’s not my President” stuff–he is.  He’s just not the one I wanted.  It means I’m not going to throw a four- or (God forbid) eight-year temper tantrum like the nuttier parts of the Left have done with George W. Bush.  I’m not going to walk around comparing him to Hitler, or making movies about him getting assassinated, or screaming that he should be hanged for war crimes.  He’s the President.  I will accord him the respect that the office deserves, and I will not stamp my feet and scream and cry like Nublet does when it’s 7:30 and she doesn’t want to go to bed…unlike what so many others have done to our current President.

Opposition:  Just because I respect Obama and the office he will soon hold, doesn’t mean that I’m not the opposition.  If he does something I agree with, good.  If he doesn’t, I’m going to oppose it with what tools I have at my disposal as a citizen of the United States.  I’ll vote against him come 2012, more than likely.  I’ll contribute money to, and vote for, those who share my beliefs in local, state, and Federal races between now and then, in an effort to contain whatever damage he may cause.  I’ll use my First Amendment rights to the fullest to express my political opinion.

Basically, my aim for the next four years is to act like the middle-aged adult I am, and handle the Obama Presidency with maturity and grace…while still doing everything in my power to fight it.  The two are not mutually exclusive.  A mature, principled opposition, regardless of which side is in power, is a good thing.


3 Responses to “His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition”

  1. Anna Says:

    If the people who disagree with Barack Obama (or, well, anyone) all took your stance on how to approach this upcoming presidency, I think there would be the potential for a lot of good things to come from politics.

  2. Itanya Blade Says:

    Have to agree with Anna. This is good!

  3. torteya Says:

    A serious opposition is pretty vital in any decent democracy.

    This communist approves heartily of your intentions! 😀

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