Well, they finally got me

I got up a little early this morning, while Wife Unit was peacefully snoozing away at about 7, and tried to log onto World of Warcraft.

“The information you have provided is not valid.”

Hmm.  Retype the username and password, aaannnnd.

“The information you have provided is not valid.”

Ruh roh, Raggy.

(Now with updates below the cut!)

I tried again a few more times, same result.  Tried to log into the forums, “login error.”  Tried to get into account administration, “username or password is invalid.”  Oh shit.  This ain’t good.

So about 8:45 I posted something in the officer forum for my guild, basically saying “uh, something’s wrong here, if you see me on, it might not be me.”  Not 15 minutes later, Itanya replied, “it’s 6:00 here and I saw you on about three hours ago.”  Followed by “Uh-oh, Linedan’s emptying out the guild bank.”

Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

Yep, kids, I got hacked.  Me, Mr. Paranoid, sitting here behind my hardware firewall, never following “sex leg” links in the forums, never clicking on strange ad banners, got hacked sometime between 1:00 and 7:00 am Eastern on 9/20.  My password’s been changed, and apparently Linedan, my main, and my alt hunter Illithanis, ripped a bunch of stuff out of our guild’s bank before being caught.

The problem now is, Blizzard’s account management staff don’t work weekends.  And the email address tied to the account is an old expired one from before we moved to North Carolina, meaning I can’t get a new temporary password and get onto the online account administration functions.  (Let this be a lesson, kids, UPDATE YOUR EMAIL ON YOUR GAME ACCOUNTS WHEN YOU MOVE.)  At this point, I can’t get online to see how much damage has been done to my personal banks or our guild bank.  At best, I’m probably screwed for the weekend, and maybe for a significant period of time afterward.

I like to think I am very cautious and Internet-savvy, but right now I have zero clue as to how this happened.  Anti-virus and anti-spyware scans on my home machine have come up clean.  At work, we’re behind a firewall, and even when I use my work laptop from home, I have to tunnel in via a virtual private network that puts me behind that corporate firewall.  So what’s scaring me the most isn’t so much this hacking, it’s that I don’t know right now what else could be compromised, or if this could happen again.

Not.  A.  Happy.  Moose.

UPDATE 1 (1300 EDT 9/20):  Hey, I got a response email from the GMs:  “Please submit another help request the next time you are online. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!”  TANKS FOR LETTUCE GNOMES BLIZZ.  *headdesk*


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