A somewhat new look

If you’ve visited Moose Droppings in the past (and I’d like to thank each and every one of you for all 2,187 of the tasty hits I’ve gotten up to now), you’ll see that it’s changed a bit.  I’ve switched over to using another WordPress theme called Andreas09, which, IMO, looks better and scales across the page better.  The one thing I didn’t like about my old theme is that it seemed to have too much wasted white space on the left and right on this 19″ work 1280×1024 monitor, much less my 1680×1050 22″ widescreen at home.  I think this theme looks better, although I’m sure I’ll get bored with it in a few months and switch to something else.

BTW, if you’re running less than 1280 wide, I make no warranty express or implied as to how this thing’s gonna look.  Now, I have to go fight with the WordPress designer thingy and figure out where my blog stat widget went, and how I get it back.


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