Reality check, VDH style

Victor Davis Hanson rocks:  The Other 9/11 Story.

Money quote:

Long after Jacques Chirac, Michael Moore, Gerhard Schroeder, and Cindy Sheehan have come, gone, and nearly disappeared, a General David Petraeus and thousands of American soldiers and diplomats like him remain. George W. Bush is reviled, in part because of an inability to articulate what the war against terror was, and what it was for. But Bush hatred has been reduced to a sort of politically correct trinket, worn around the neck of the clannish critics as a reminder of the President’s ineptness in expression or supposedly dangerous views — without examining what others might have done to achieve the same results of achieving freedom from further attack.

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2 Responses to “Reality check, VDH style”

  1. officergleason Says:

    We also revile him for, at best, misleading us into this war, including making false connections between 9/11 and Iraq.

    We dirty liberals have a check list of reasons why we don’t like W. We get them when we buy a prius or a microbeer.

  2. Itanya Blade Says:

    Iraq does not have a damn thing to do with the war on terror.

    If we were worried about terrorists, we would have made sure Afghanistan was secure before we abandoned them…

    Also, the quote made my head hurt. I ahve no idea what it was trying to say.

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