Things that annoy me, special WoW edition

In the fine tradition of my good friend Itanya Blade, let me present a one-item “list” of World of Warcraft Things That Annoy the Moose.

Questing on Quel’danas flagged.

Look.  If you’ve got the balls and the roleplaying understanding to wander around on an RP server permaflagged, go for it.  You’re a gutsier person than I am.  Me, I can’t do it.  I turn my flag on when I want to PvP, which is fairly rare, and then I turn it back off and go on about my business with my happy carebear-blue name over my head.  I started WoW on a PvP server three and a half years ago.  I’m not going back.  No thanks.  I don’t know very many people who do it, but those that do (at least on Feathermoon) tend to be outstanding roleplayers in addition to being pretty good at PvP. 

But I know most of you chuckleheads running around flagged on the Isle of Dailies only think “RP” are the two letters around “Q”.  You’re running around flagged trying to trick people into blueflagging you so they can get pwned.  I’ve seen it too many times.  And yesterday I finally had it happen to me on my failhunter Illithanis.  I rode up into the inn to get the bloodberry quest (sweet zombie Uthas, lady, you don’t have enough of the damn things yet?) and right as I right-clicked on the questgiver, a flagged Alliance cut in front of me and caused me to right-click her instead.  At which point, of course, the guards jacked the shit out of me because I attacked her.

I groused about it for a minute, toggled /pvp twice to make sure I had a 5-minute timer on my flag, then decided to play the odds and went out to the demon-infested area while waiting for the flag to drop.  Sure enough, while I was plinking away at a demon, a feral druid jumped me from behind and used me for a chew toy.  (As an aside:  Dude, we’re surrounded by agents of the fucking Burning Legion and you decide to nomnom on an undergeared blood elf hunter instead?  Priorities, nelfboy.  Priorities.)

Later on, after my flag dropped and I was on my merry way, I had another odd incident.  A flagged human priest kept pulling Wretched and then standing right by my hunter’s pet.  Illy has a windserpent, which has no AOE attack fortunately.  But it damn sure looked like the priest was trying to have me accidentally target her instead of the Wretched that were beating on her shielded arse.  Or maybe she just wanted me to kill them and do her work for her.



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