Dude, my hand’s leaving trails

After a highly successful Karazhan raid in WoW last night, Wife Unit and I got to bed pretty late, around 1:00.

We were awakened at the stroke of 5:00 by two things–Fat Cat trying to lie down on my skull to crush it, again, and Nublet having her first genuine night terror.

Between the two of those, I never could get back to sleep.  So I ended up grinding out Quel’danas dailies and some Netherstorm stuff on my druid Amakawa, and shifting money around to get him on the way to his epic flight form.

All this is to say, if I post something today and it makes even less sense than usual?  It’s sleep deprivation, baby.  The cheapest buzz there is.

Oh, and I get to tank a Tempest Keep run tonight.  GO GO GADGET CAFFEINE.


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