It never fails.

Our central air conditioner shat itself at some point late yesterday afternoon or early last night and proceeded to start putting out room-temperature air.  This is a problem when you’re living in North Carolina, in late July, and it’s gotten into that fixed low-to-mid-90s-every-day pattern.

It’s a bigger problem when you’ve got two new computers in your bedroom pumping out a fair chunk of heat…and you can’t reach the windows to open them because of one of the computers blocking access…and the ceiling fan is trying to wobble itself right out of the ceiling…and you’ve got a Karazhan raid so both computers will be running WoW and heating up the room even more.

Hopefully maintenance will get over here and fix the AC today.  I don’t fancy running Tempest Keep tonight (another WoW raid) with the temperature about 85 in here.


One Response to “It never fails.”

  1. Lewis Says:

    Air conditioning has been fixed. Hooray for the Air Conditioning Gnomes!

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