OK, so if this one’s not a terrorist…

…then you know alcohol has got to be involved.

A drunk passenger who tried to set the curtains of a Boeing 767 on fire during a trans-Atlantic flight is in custody in Vienna, Austria, the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday.

There was no apparent connection to terrorism, officials said.

Zoltan Lensky, 25, a Slovakian citizen, was on Delta Flight 40 from Atlanta, Georgia, to Vienna Wednesday night when flight attendants refused his request for more liquor.

According to TSA spokesman Christopher White, Lensky slapped a flight attendant on the hand, moved forward in the cabin, pulled out a lighter and tried to ignite the curtains around the flight attendants’ rest area.

A federal air marshal on the flight arrested Lensky and put him in handcuffs, White said. Lensky was handed over to authorities in Vienna when the flight landed.

Three things of note here:

1.  CNN’s photo editor doesn’t know anything about aviation…because that picture is of an MD-88, not a 767.  About a four-thousand-mile difference on the range there, Chuck Yeager.

2.  Some Slovakians are, apparently, really mean drunks.

3.  Doesn’t it make you feel so much better that the TSA is making ninety-year-old grandmothers take off their bloomers for cavity searches while this guy gets a lighter through the checkpoints at Hartsfield-Jackson?

UPDATE 10:00 6/20/08:  Holy crap, CNN linked back to little ol’ me.  Does this mean I’m famous?

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3 Responses to “OK, so if this one’s not a terrorist…”

  1. James B Says:

    You Don’t Mess With the Zoltan!

  2. Jason Says:

    Does anyone think that maybe CNN could do a better job at illustration research? The picture in the article is of an MD model, not a 767!

  3. Lewis Says:

    It could be worse. If it was the AP, it would’ve probably been a picture of a Continental 727 from the 1980’s.

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