Life gave us lemons…

…right in the eye.  Ow.

After the ballbreaking year that 2007 was, 2008 hasn’t started off that much better.  The biggest problem has been that our previous babysitter, who Nublet absolutely adored, had some medical issues and has since pretty much fallen off the face of the earth, not returning our emails.  That left Wife Unit soloing Nublet all weekday, every weekday.  And that, dear reader, is Not a Good Thing when you’re dealing with the sheer amount of issues we’ve been dealing with.  A high-energy, smart, bouncy two-year-old is just draining to take care of.

So she started looking for part-time daycare, someplace where Nublet could go and let the wife recharge her batteries, which not even the Energizer Bunny could perk up otherwise.  We looked.  And looked.  And freaking looked. For almost two months we looked, at almost four dozen different places around the Durham/Chapel Hill/RTP area.  The only one we found was a place I immediately dubbed the Daycare Barn.  Nice enough, certified, professional, all that sort of thing.  And packed with about 50 kids.  Nublet hated it with the fiery passion of a thousand burning Dora the Explorer DVDs.  After two weeks, it was back home.

We found an in-home sitter after another month of looking.  A nice lady with a couple of kids she kept, and a couple of her own.  Nublet fell in love with her.  But, the price was steep.  $125 a week, with no discount for part-time–it was $125 a week, whether for one day or five, half-day or full-day, take it or leave it.  Then we got informed that no, she’d misspoken on the phone, it was actually $150 a week.  Despite the financial strain, we gritted our teeth and agreed.

Today my wife was informed, when she went to pick Nublet up, that no, there’d been some confusion, and that it was actually $175 a week.  So in three weeks we’ve added $200 a month that we don’t have to the daycare cost.  And again, we’ll probably have to grit out teeth and bear it, at least in the short term, until we can find someplace else.  Because I don’t appreciate getting extorted, which is sure what it looks like right now.


One Response to “Life gave us lemons…”

  1. itanyablade Says:

    Get it in writing.

    Or let me light her on fire.

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