OK, God, you can stop any time now.

Y’know…when I’m old(er) and gray(er), and I’m reminiscing about the Good Old Days with my spawn and my grandspawn? 2007 will not be one of those years that I talk much about. Because this is most definitely not the Good Old Days. This year, in fact, has been a giant ball of suck.

In the past twelve months:

  • I had to leave Virginia and move down here to Durham, North Carolina due to a job transfer. My wife wanted to land in Atlanta, but at the time, I thought we couldn’t afford to switch employers. She’s never liked it here, and to be honest, I’m not terribly high on the place myself. After all, it is Nifongville. Oh, and we lost our deposit and then some on our old apartment.
  • We finally had to admit defeat on taking care of my old credit card debts on my own and go into debt counseling this summer. A local nonprofit hooked us up with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Denver; yes, it’s weird that a nonprofit in North Carolina would go with a credit counseling service in Denver, but it works. They got us a good plan set up for five of my six credit cards.
  • My mother finally went over the edge mentally and had to have my older brother, with whom she’s been on the outs for over ten years, appointed as her legal guardian. Shortly after that, she was placed in a long-term care facility where she could get care and treatment for her dementia and other ailments. Because I live out-of-state, I couldn’t be appointed her guardian/conservator; because my credit is so bad and the bonding process is very expensive, I couldn’t even be appointed her co-guardian/conservator.
  • My wife’s mother was diagnosed with angiosarcoma in August. Our budget got strained even worse with plane tickets back and forth from here to Atlanta.
  • My wife broke her foot and was laid up for a month–hello, yet more medical bills we can’t afford.
  • The strain of it all pushed my wife into a depressive episode and forced her to seek treatment for clinical depression.
  • Both our vehicles are marginal at best, and there’s no money to properly fix them or replace them.
  • My mother-in-law died Thanksgiving night. My wife and her mother were very, very close and the sudden loss has been devastating all around.
  • Credit card #6, who wouldn’t work with CCCS, took me to collections, and to avoid legal action, I’m having to pay a crippling payment on top of everything else that’s going on.
  • My contract at work has ended, which means that right now, I sit at home every day, look for jobs, and pray that either I find something myself, or my employer finds me a new contract to work on, before I get laid off. With no savings, a wife and a toddler to support, and a bank account that’s perilously close to empty.
  • And to top it all off, my beloved daughter Nublet is hitting her Terrible Twos right on schedule. Figures we’d get a strong-willed kid.

Other than that, this year’s been just ducky.

And the worst part? God help me, there’s still four weeks left. It’s got to get better. Right? Right?

I’ll hopefully have some more coherent thoughts on this when I’m not contemplating selling plasma or knocking over liquor stores for Christmas present money.