The Teddy Bear Jihad

A British female teacher in Sudan allowed the kids in her elementary school class to name a teddy bear “Muhammad”…and got arrested for it.  She was staring down the barrel of six months in jail and forty lashes under Islamic sharia law.  Instead, she was convicted and sentenced to fifteen days in jail and deportation at the end of her sentence.

But that’s not enough for mobs in the streets of Khartoum…they want her dead.

To their credit, Muslim organizations in the West have denounced both the verdict and the near-riots that followed it.  (Now if they’d only denounce, oh, I don’t know, blowing up buses full of Israelis and flying jetliners into crowded buildings with the same speed.)

I don’t remember Christians rioting in the streets when some “artist” in New York submerged a crucifix in a jar of urine and called it “Piss Christ.”  I don’t remember Catholics brandishing knives and machetes when some “artist” in Brooklyn made a picture of the Virgin Mary out of elephant shit.  But let a guy draw a picture of Muhammad with a bomb for a turban, or a woman let a 7-year-old kid name a freaking teddy bear after their precious Prophet?  Grab the beheading knife and the AK, Achmed, it’s go time.  Islam is a religion of peace, and if you don’t believe it, you slimy kaffir, we’ll cut your head off.

And people wonder why some of us here in the West wonder if Islam is even compatible at all with a modern, civilized society?  


One Response to “The Teddy Bear Jihad”

  1. jonolan Says:


    It’d be Mufasa or Gbutto or some such in this case, not Achmed. I believe the problem is more the barbarous savagery of the sub-Saharan peoples than Islam in this instance. Sub-Saharan Christians have been just a radical and violent.

    Sadly those nations haven’t been stable or without endemic violence since the end of Colonial Rule. Sad and bigoted sounding, but quite true.

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