The best-laid plans…

…of meese and men go tits-up, guaranteed.

It’s looking like now, after coming down here for my mother-in-law’s funeral, that I won’t actually be attending my mother-in-law’s funeral. See, we have this Nublet. She’s two. Being two, she’s (a) too young to sit still through the entire funeral production, and (b) in need of constant supervision to prevent Bad Things from happening. And all our attempts at finding somebody to sit her on Tuesday morning have crashed and burned.

So right now, it looks like I’ll be sitting here with her on Tuesday, in my jeans, while my wife and stepfather-in-law and all the cast of thousands pay their last respects to Trudie. While it does keep me from having to drop a couple of hundred dollars that we don’t have to buy a suit, I feel horrible about it. I liked my mother-in-law, a lot. Even though I will be there for at least part of the visitation tomorrow evening (leaving early to bring Nublet back for her bedtime), casually dressed per permission of the stepfather-in-law, I still feel like I’m somehow not doing what I should to properly honor her, y’know?

Off to bed. Early morning tomorrow, following the stepfather-in-law to drop off a car that needs work…and thence to a Waffle House for “guy breakfast.” Ooooookaaaayyy.


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