Maybe Obama should’ve gotten Gordon Brown one of these

Just go look.  The pictures alone are worth it, even if you can’t read the Japanese (I certainly can’t).

I wonder if this company has done any other figures like this.  Maybe George Bush with flight suit and “Mission Accomplished” banner?  Bill Clinton with a Mickey D’s takeout sack and lipstick on his collar?  Dick Cheney…oh, wait, there’s already a Dick Cheney figure in one of those shots, never mind.

4 Responses to “Maybe Obama should’ve gotten Gordon Brown one of these”

  1. MitchellC Says:

    That looks waaaaay too manly to be Obama.

  2. torteya Says:

    Ronald Reagan ramming Gorbachov against the Berlin Wall?

  3. Lewis Says:

    You’d have to have a Reagan figure come in a box set with a Maggie Thatcher (with turbo purse-swinging action and Indestructo-Hair!) and a Pope John Paul II. And you could have a Gorby with Kung Fu Grip and an authentic birthmark too, I guess. The possibilities are endless.

  4. Bullhoof Says:

    *Messes around with Gimp*

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